They're hoping for success by March!

Oregon officials,  including Gov. John Kitzhaber have announced they are hiring a firm (at taxpayers expense, of course) to figure out why that state's healthcare exchange website still isn't functioning properly some three months after Obamacare launched.

Cover Oregon still isn't working end to end, and most of the 170,000 people who signed up (mostly for Medicaid) did it manually.  Hundreds of workers who were supposed to man the website are being transferred to process the paper applications.   Kitzhaber and state officials don't have a clue as to why the site hasn't worked properly.   Oregon has suffered the worst of the several dozen states who implemented Obamacare.

Incidentally, Oregon was one of four states who received huge payouts from the federal government for being an "early innovator", creating a model that other states would supposedly emulate.   Probably not a good thing that other states followed suit.   Oregon officials say they may have to buy more software, or even adopt a direct-to-carrier system, where people using the healthcare exchange would be routed directly to the insurance companies offering policies, instead of using the state as a middleman.

Either way, Cover Oregon has become such a disaster the state has pulled it's ads pushing the website completely off tv and radio.