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Is Your “Blinker Fluid” Full? The WSP Wants to Make Sure!
The Washington State Patrol just released a video to make sure everyone has checked their blinker fluid now that spring is almost here. There seem to be a large number of drivers with turn signals that don't work correctly so they are spreading
Guess What Body Male Part Olympic Flame Torch Compared To?
While the opening ceremonies of the 2018 Winter Olympics were amazing (for those who got up at 3am Pacific to see them),  those who critique such events and others are having a laugh today.
Numerous news outlets are remarking about how the Olympic Flame torch resembles a male body part...
Wild Pasco Driver Gets Airborne, Then Tries Running Away–Epic Fail
Pasco police got a big bargain when they nabbed this guy Thursday afternoon. It all began near Shoshone and 19th. Ave with an innocent traffic stop.
An officer tried to pull this 2001 Toyota over due to defective equipment but the driver sped away, leading a chase that finally terminated in the Pasco…

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