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Pasco Armed Robbery Standoff Ends with 3 Arrests
After getting a call about an armed robbery near 5th and Bonneville Streets around 8:30pm Sunday evening, the situation turned into a standoff.
Police say after locating suspects at an apartment complex nearby, the suspect refused to come out and surrender...
Domestic Violence Suspect Himself Dies From Blow to Head
We don't know all the facts, but some say he got what he deserved. Yakima police continue to investigate the death of an alleged domestic violence assault suspect Sunday night.
According to reports, police were responding to the assault call at the Corrections Transition Apartments at 110 South …
Shoplifter Bails with Cooler Backpack Full of $200 Worth of Goodies
Now you know why some stores mandate you leave your backpack outside.
Late Sunday evening a 35-year-old woman was arrested after she allegedly stuffed over $200 worth of items into a cooler backpack at a Kennewick retail store.
Police say around 11:34 pm they got the call about the alleged theft, and …

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