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6 Things You Should Know Before Hitting the Scaregrounds
The Scaregrounds officially opens tonight (Oct. 11), and we couldn't be more excited! The spooky season is upon us, and the Scaregrounds promises once again to be a must-do Halloween time event! But things change up every year at the Scaregrounds, so I've got a few pointers for this year&a…
14-Year-Old Pasco Girl Arrested For Knife Assault
Two juvenile girls are in custody after an altercation in Pasco Wednesday afternoon that left a girl with serious but not life-threatening lacerations to her head and back.
Police were called to the intersection of 14th and Sylvester, not far from Edgar Brown Stadium and found a group of high school …
‘Weird’ Behavior of Driver in Parking Lot Results in Bust
After getting reports of a suspicious vehicle lurking around the parking lot at 300 South Columbia Center Boulevard, police came to take a look.
After arriving at the parking lot of the Flower Farm (just south of the Flashcube HAPO Building) they found 23-year-old Jesus Nunez sitting in the car, and …

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