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Umbrella Scares Hospital Into Lockdown Near Seattle
EvergreenHealth hospital in Kirkland went into emergency lockdown after a doctor reported he saw a man walk in the hospital with what looked like a gun slung over his shoulder. Police were called and the hospital was put on emergency lockdown for aver an hour.
West Richland Police Cracking Down on Tailgaters
Physics will tell you that even if you jam on the brakes, your vehicle is going to require some stopping distance. Police records will show you that the number of accidents caused by tailgating is way too high in the Tri-Cities. West Richland Police will be keeping an eye out for tailgaters to try t…
Quincy Surveyor Struck By SUV Needs Your Help!
Leonel Castillo, a surveyor from La Grande, Oregon was working on state Route 28, in Quincy, when he was hit by an SUV. Maria Prada, who was driving said she didn't see Leonel, despite the fact he was wearing his orange traffic vest and had a traffic cone out...

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