An update on the Pasco Bank of the West robbery situation.

According to reports, and our news partner, KNDU-TV,  the Tri-City Regional SWAT Team and FBI Agents surrounded the Bank of the West building this morning around 9:30am, after a report of a robbery.  The only information released about the suspect is that it's a man, either white or Hispanic.

The last report obtained did not indicate if he was still inside the bank.   The Richland bomb squad sent in their robot around 12:30pm to retrieve a suspicious backpack, after which there were two loud booming sounds heard.  It is not known if the backpack was blown up as precaution.

Pasco School officials have released students from lockdown at Longfellow and Emerson Elementaries, Pasco High, St Patricks, and Captain Gray Early Learning Center.

The Booth Administration building is still described as on lockout, with not entry or exit allowed.   That latest school report was of 12:30pm.

We will continue to try to update as information is released.  A local law enforcement officer spoken to by Townsquare media personnel en-route to the scene would not divulge any new information or details.