Despite the tragedy,  it's yet another example of a person shot by police who had a long and often violent criminal backround. (Photo of crime scene courtesy of KNDU-TV).

Two Pasco officers are on paid administrative leave while the shooting of 34-year-old Brad D. Jensen early Tuesday morning is investigated.  This is standard procedure in such cases.  The two officers are 11-year vet Steve Thatsana, and 3-year vet Nathan Carlisle.

Early Tuesday morning,  Jensen was fatally shot after police responded to a call in the 4200 Block of Desert Place.  Shortly after midnight,  Jensen was allegedly causing a disturbance, and armed with a knife.  According to reports, and our news partner KNDU-TV, Jenson threatened the officers and refused to cooperate.

Police have not said how many rounds were fired.   According to criminal history records,  KNDU-TV reported Jensen had been arrested an astounding 30 times, for crimes including assault, trespassing, DUI, disorderly conduct and theft.

The Special Investigations unit will continue to determine of the shooting was justified.