Bergstrom Aircraft, and veterans from all over the Mid Columbia, are rallying Thursday at 10:30 am at Bergstrom to show support for a piece of World War II memorabilia.

The Pasco Naval Air Station was an integral part of training carrier pilots for bombing missions over the Pacific in World War II.  Hundreds of successful missions from aircraft carriers at  Iwo Jima, Okinawa and other battles began with pilot and mechanic training at Pasco.  From

In February 1942, the Navy approved the relocation of Seattle's Sand Point Naval Air Station to Pasco. Pasco was chosen for its good flying climate and for its abundance of arid, unused land. By July 1942, a huge air strip was being bulldozed into the sagebrush land right next to town

By January 1943, the Pasco Naval Air Station was training hundreds of naval pilots and mechanics. It boasted 70 buildings and a large contingent of WAVES doing office work and technical work.

There has been considerable discussion with County Commissioners about tearing down the old tower.  Bergstrom Aircraft and the vets believe it should be preserved, because Hanford and Pasco played a significant role in the United States winning World War II.