A flurry of activity not far from the Shopping Spot off 28th Street in Pasco left police seeking three men in connection with what's being described as a fight, car chase, and shots fired.

Shortly after 4pm Wednesday, police surrounded a home near Fleming Lane and 28th after reports of shots being fired.

Witnesses and information seemed to indicate three men were engaged in a fight, two vs. one.  The one man reportedly fled on foot, some witnesses said he was chased by the other men in a car.  Reports indicate several shots were fired in the area, but police don't know who fired the rounds, or if they were directly related to the altercation.

They surrounded a home where the man being chased was believed to have entered, but Sgt. Scott Warren of the Pasco Police Department said after a search warrant was served, the 50-year-old suspect was not in that home.

The SWAT Team was called out for support due to the reports of gunfire.  According to police, the man they are looking for is Hispanic, was wearing a white t-shirt with a logo on the front and a baseball cap.

No information was given about the other two reported individuals, and no other information about the reported fight and car chase.  The investigation continues.