If you live in West Pasco, the opening of the Rosalind Franklin STEM elementary school at Road 52 and Powerline will change all the elementary boundaries in that area.

The district will be holding an open house meeting February 5th at the C.L. Booth District building at 1215 West. Lewis in Pasco at 6:30pm.

Anyone who wishes to get information about the proposed new boundaries is invited to attend. Markham, McGee, Mark Twain, Angelou, and Livingston Elementary School boundaries will be adjusted and affected by the opening of the new school.

Parents want their children to stay at these schools even if their boundary changes can file an exemption with the school district by February 28th. Parents whose students will still remain in the boundaries of the five other West Pasco schools but want to attend Franklin may opt in through a "lottery process."  Deadline for that option is also February 28th.

For more details, and to see several boundary proposals being considered for West Pasco, go to the school district's website:  www.psd1.org.