It's not easy being a pizza delivery driver, sometimes it can be dangerous. But this story goes beyond weird. In this case, the "weapon" used to attack the driver.

Centralia police and sheriff's officials are looking for a man who attacked a pizza delivery driver with bear spray repellant!

Lewis County Sheriff's deputies were able to get a good description of the suspect vehicle from a 44-year-old Sahara Pizza driver, who was attacked Tuesday evening.

The driver was approaching the delivery address, and pulled to the side of the road when he saw a man step into the street.  Assuming he was the customer, the driver asked him if this was the correct home.  Then it got weird.

The driver, who was not named, said the man told him "I'm sorry, but I have to do this" and then shot him with spray designed to repel a full-grown bear!

However, the quick-thinking driver was able to knock the can out of the man's hand, and the assailant ran. The driver actually chased him down the block in his car, then watched as the man jumped into a vehicle and fled.  The driver eventually lost him, but gave such a complete description to authorities it is believed it shouldn't be hard to disguise.

So, guess the driver was "smarter than the average bear!"