When one side slings mud, they can't expect the other side not to respond.

A hotly-contested race is taking place for the State Legislature seat in Spokane. Democrat Amy Biviano is challenging incumbent Rep. Matt Shea (R) for the 4th District Seat representing Spokane Valley.

In a recent ad, Biviano (and the Democratic Party) demanded Rep. Shea "divulge information" about his past, namely his divorce from his previous wife, Lisa.  The centerpiece of her campaign has been about trying to dig up Shea's history and background. Because he is Olympia's biggest opponent of gay marriage, they're trying to use his marriage as ammunition.

Biviano has painted a picture of herself as a small-town girl from Oklahoma who helped raise two children with her devoted husband. She also has attacked Shea for a recent traffic confrontation he had with another motorist, resulting in a court date for road rage. The incident was plead out with probation.

HOWEVER, what Biviano has failed to mention is her own past. As a 20-year-old student at Yale (hardly a beacon of traditional American values) she posed in Playboy Magazine for a spread entitled, "Women Of the Ivy League."

Shea's campaign did NOT dig up the old photos from 1995, nor did they agree with the actions of the independent political blog, The Western Center for Journalism - a conservative group. He has condemned the actions of the group, obviously taking the higher road.

While Shea's actions are commendable, the bigger principle here is (especially in politics): if you're going to demand deep background checks and accountability from others, you'd better be prepared to unveil the skeletons in your own closest. Biviano and the Spokane County Democrats should have thought of that before attacking Shea's personal life and divorce.

This story has certainly juiced up what was not that interesting of a race. The Western Center for Journalism has printed more "explicit" details of Biviano's exploits; click the button below for the story.  WARNING: while necessary parts of an image contained in the story have been blacked out,  the photo is still not safe for work, nor children.