The weekend theft of some 600 bright yellow range balls from the Tri-City Country Club in Kennewick highlights (no pun intended) the sometimes unnoticed 'black market' online, featuring stolen property.

Sources say it's not likely the theft of the range balls, worth probably between $145 and $180 if purchased wholesale, is the work of teens, vandals, or pranksters. Here's why.

Numerous studies as well as criminal cases have shown there's many folks who end up getting arrested for selling stolen contraband on Ebay, Craigslist or other such websites. There's even been news features written about how some people who make six figures a year selling 'used' items actually stole the goods, or got them from a 'supplier' who stole them.

Authorities are watching online sites to see if new, large quantities of the bright yellow Nike range balls suddenly show up in the near future on these sites. Some believe the Kennewick theft was by somebody who's going to turn around and try to make some money off them online.

Authorities often find that when they are able to locate stolen property being sold online, they often uncover a larger operation that deals in a wide variety of items being fenced. It's similar to how busting a drug deal can lead to breaking up a large drug operation.

Police also say if anyone has any information to call (509)-628-0333, the non-emergency dispatch number, with details.