A Level 3 Sex Offender has moved into the 700 Block of South Garfield in Kennewick .


A 40-year-old convicted offender has relocated from Benton City to Kennewick, triggering an automatic notification from authorities.  Shane Thomas Stevens has 1998 convictions for 2nd and 3rd. degree rape of a child, and is considered a Level 3 offender.   According to Washington state's ranking of such criminals,  Level 3 people are considered likely to re-offend.

However, Kennewick police remind the public that once the offender's sentence has been completed, and any and all court-mandated stipulations met,  these offenders may live where they wish as long as they notify authorities of their exact address.  They are not allowed to move or relocate without notification.  Stevens is listed as 5' 11' tall and 160 lbs, with brown hair and blue eyes.

Authorities do remind citizens to immediately report any illegal or threatening activity, but they also remind citizens that any use of this information release material to harass, threaten, intimidate or harm such a person is illegal, and could potentially end law enforcement's ability to issue such notifications.