Is it a good idea, or another example of overkill?

Rockville, Maryland drivers will now have yet another set of eyes watching them driver.  Starting this week, police have outfitted a number of school buses in the Rockville School District with traffic cams, that record vehicles nearby.

School officials say the cameras are only triggered to record when the buses are stopped to load or unload children, and have their signs and red lights flashing.   Like most communities - including ours - motorists must not only stop behind the bus but cannot pass if traveling in the opposite lane, unless there is a median or other barrier separating the two lanes of travel.

Several buses were outfitted over the winter holiday, and now drivers who don't stop for the buses will face a $125 dollar fine.   The tapes will be studied, vehicles identified and citations sent out in the mail.

Good idea, or intrusion?  Police say most school bus drivers are able to identify some vehicles who don't correctly stop, but because they are busy loading or unloading students, they often can't get the license plate.    Critics say it's just another unnecessary expense designed to gather even more traffic citation revenue.