With Obama visiting Seattle to snatch up campaign money, KING5 TV in Seattle did a poll and found our state might be leaning a little towards the middle.

In case you did not know (largely because of people on 'that' side of the state) Washington largely votes Democratic or liberal candidates.  You may remember in the Reagan landslide elections of 1980 and 84, the West side of Washington was fairly split, while the East side was a blowout for the Gipper.

  KING5's new poll shows that if the election were held today, about 50% of voters polled would vote for Obama, while about 36% would cast for Romney.  However, the more telling statistic is that his approval rating is 46% approve, 45% disapprove.   The bulk of our state's population is of course on the other side of the mountains, so for this approval numbers, it shows perhaps some weakening of the liberal position.

  KING5 spoke to 557 people in the poll, with a plus-minus margin of error of 4.2%.  Of course, a number of polls had Jimmy Carter right behind Reagan, and in 1980 Carter suffered the worst loss by an incumbent president in over 50 years.