According to the latest polling data, President Obama's base is rapidly running away from him, like sand through an hourglass.

Not only are increasing numbers of people on both political sides believing he cannot fix the ecnomy, and his policies are not working, but now some Democrats are saying he should face some quality primary other words, he needs a challenge.  Now, this comes from some liberal Democrats who don't like his sudden attempts to look like he's moving to the center.  But they too, are beginning to believe Obama is simply not cut out for this job.  For the first time over, well over 1/3 of Americans believe Obama's policies are directly hurting the US economy,  many more believe they are not helping.  57% of people in the recent polls disapprove of the job he is doing on the economy.  The bad news for Obama?  in 2012 should he run, he will have to realize George W. Bush is not running for re-election, and he will have to assume responsibility for the nation on his own.