Portland OR police are investigating what is being called a "preliminary lead" about an incindiary device that exploded near the building known as The World Trade Center in the downtown area.

The device, a molotov cocktail (glass or other bottle filled with flammable liquid, featuring a cloth or other fuse--sometimes includes explosive devices or triggers)  was detonated in a stairwell  on the outside of the building located at 121 SW Salmon.   The building is just a couple of blocks away from the location where the Occupy Portland movement has been since Oct. 6th.   Oct. 31st, police received reports that such devices were being built inside the Occupy Compound;  then the report of the "bomb" exploding  Tuesday.   Police said damage to the area was considered minor, but the building houses, among numerous other businesses, the office of US Senator Jeff Merkley.  Police have offered a substantial reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators.    This story comes on the heels of the confirmed on video report of Occupy D.C. protestors pushing a 78 year old woman down a flight of stairs a few days ago; and numerous poll reports showing the American public are now largely upset with or growing tired of the Occupy antics, which have grown increasingly violent.