Who would pay for this?  Marlboro Airpot Officials in Massachusetts have filed a lawsuit claiming the entourage, or Presidential Support staff, for the White House caused severe damage to facilities during a Presidential stopover in 2010.

April 1 2010, Obama landed at the field in Marine One (the helicopter version of Air Force One) so he could tour an emegency bunker in the state.  The lawsuit says Marine One, as well as the support aircraft "did NOT" cause any damage to the tarmac or runways.  However, it was alledgedly the Secret Service and other support vehicles that parked on grass areas, and other non-runway parts of the airport, that caused $676 thousand plus dollars in damages.  Among the culprits was a 44,000 lb foam truck, used for fire suppression should any of the aircraft crash or catch fire, and other large heavy Secret Service support vehicles.  In layman's terms, imagine a bunch of SUV's carrying dozens of guys in suits, a tanker truck, and humvees digging grooves in your yard.   In addition the suit filed by Marlboro Airport Properties Inc. claims that while the aircraft were expected, and everything was done according to protocol but clearance for these ground units was never asked for, and therefore never approved by Marlboro.  They claim the vehicle just showed up.    The Department of Homeland Security has refused to pay for the damages, which is why Marlboro is suing.  No comment from the White House, but that is not expected because these type of logistical issues are handled several levels below the President and his staff.  It's well known that Obama and his staff had no knowledge of this, nor should they have to worry about it.  But somebody further down the food chain didn't communicate with the airport very well.  Janet Nepolitano had no comment about the suit, clearly naming The Department of Homeland Security.