Charges against a Gig Harbor, WA psychologist by the Washington State Board of Psychology have been resolved, after he was suspended last fall.

In one of the more bizarre cases faced by the Department of Health and Board of Psychology, Sunil Kakar had his laptop stolen early last fall, and it contained sensitive private information about his patients.  He kept Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) patient information on his personal laptop, but didn't report it to DSHS for several days.

He also failed to report it was stolen by a prostitute, authorities were pretty much able to figure out how THAT happened.   Charges have been resolved since his October, 2013 suspension, but before he can regain his license he must undergo a psychiatric evaluation.  He also had to adhere to the terms of a previously administered substance abuse monitoring program.

Not to make light of his plight, but one would think he would have exercised a little more caution before leaving his laptop where a person of dubious character would have access to it!