It has been a source of embarrasment for the Olympic committee and now we know why.

Ralph Lauren, who designed the US Olympic outfits, outsourced them to be manufactured in China.  Lauren, who has largely been ignored politically, has been - and continues to be - a donor to both Obama and the DNC (Democratic National Committee).  $7,300 has been given to Obama's campaigns since 2008 by Lauren, and $35,000 to the DNC. Now, this isn't the first time the United State Olympic Committee has utilized "foreign" sponsorship or help.  BMW stepped in as a corporate sponsor of the US teams;  but it was pointed out that BMW has over 7,000 US employees, and has been selling cars in the US for 42 years.   The 24 million dollars they contributed took the place of General Motors when they withdrew as a sponsor.

But this is different, critics say. At a time when US workers are hurting, and the job economy needs a boost,  politicians and critics on both sides of the aisle (liberal and conservative) say those uniforms could have put Americans to work.   Besides the Olympic uniforms,  Lauren also designed (and outsourced) casual wear and other items for Olympic athletes for the London Games.