Wednesday September 26th, U.S. Representative Doc Hastings will be in Richland.

Hastings will be speaking at the American Society of Civil Engineers at their luncheon at the Shiloh Inn in Richland.  He will be addressing the Columbia Section of the Society.  Civil engineers help design and build much of the infrastructure we utilize on a daily basis, from transportation, to water systems, to electrical and power delivery grids.

Hastings will be delivering a speech on his newly introduced bill, HR-6247, the Saving Our Dams and New Hydropower and Development Jobs Act.  The bill is a broad but detailed plan that would return research and development of hydroelectric power to help meet America's energy needs, and install safeguards to prevent enviornmental groups from threatening or actually attempting to remove important dams and other hydroelectric power sources.

The luncheon will begin at 11:30 with Hastings presntation at noon at the Shiloh Inn in Richland.