No, Obama will not release the bin Laden photos-but Drudge is reporting news of another controversial release.

President Obama, via CBS News for 60 minutes this weekend, has decided not to release the Osama bin Laden death photos, saying  "we don't need to spike the football."  However, Reuters News Service has released controversial and graphic photos of the attack scene.  They do NOT contain or include any pictures of Osama, however are of the three individuals who died in the attack besides bin Laden.

We have included a  link for those who wish to see them. **WARNING** These are of graphic nature, and not for those who may be easily offended.  Due to the sensitive nature, we cannot promise this link will stay active for a prolonged period of time. Already, Reuters appears to have disabled their own link to the photos.  You can see the images at LiveLink is listing they obtained the photos from Reuters.  The photos were allegedly sold to Reuters, a world-wide news service, from an official close to the mission and Defense Department.