In a story that's gone viral on the web, the owner of a pet food and supply store has been eating dog food for 30 days to prove it's nutritional value.   She's also learned why dogs can clear a room., a world-wide news and fad site,  interviewed Dorothy Hunter, the owner of Paws Natural Pet Emporium in Richland, about her effort to show how nutritious and tasty it is.

The quest began on June 19th, and is still going strong.  According to Buzzfeed,   Hunter has revealed perhaps the one big side effect about eating dog food.

It give you gas.   BAD!    Buzzfeed quoted her as saying "I can't tell you how bad it is! I still have to be in the public," referring to working and running the store.

So,  the next time your dog clears the room,  especially if they're eating healthy, remember the warning from Hunter.     And the funniest part?  Dogs just look at you with that expression that says..."what?"

Below is a still image from YouTube that captures Hunter's feelings perhaps about the...gas.

Hunter describing the "effect" of the dog food (You Tube)