We really don't make this stuff up...!

The guy with the name that makes you think of a corroded metal butt is back in the news again.  Last  March,  Rusty Bottoms - full name Rusty Lee Bottoms - was involved in an assault story.   Bottoms was reportedly attacked by another man in Kennewick because he was walking with a woman the other guy lived with.

Well now, it's Bottom's turn to be the bad guy.   Turns out HE was the fellow who allegedly stole that big potato scale from Baker Produce in Kennewick last Sunday.   Kennewick police got a tip from a citizen who had purchased a scale that he then believed might have been the one stolen.  Bottoms had allegedly sold the man the scale for $300.   The scale was valued at over $5,000.

Using information and evidence,  police traced Bottoms to the Sage And Sun Motel on South 10th in Pasco and he was arrested late Friday night.

He is facing a variety of theft and trafficking in stolen property charges, and again will have to endure another round of hilarious jokes about his name!