Not that I am a pro sports world traveler, but it's a safe bet that SafeCo Field in Seattle is at least one of the best professional sports venues in America.

Over the years, I've attended games at the old Soldier Field in Chicago (before it was renovated),  Atlanta's Fulton County Stadium (Falcons),  The Kingdome,  Jack Murphy Stadium (Chargers) in San Diego, and 3-4 others.  A mix of football and baseball.

But it was a number of years before the family finally made it to Seattle and watched a baseball game.  Ok, we're A's fans - among a few MLB teams.  But SafeCo was the nicest, cleanest and most intimate of the stadiums I've been in.

The sightlines are great, especially on the lower level.   When you're at the concession stands, the open-air design still allows you to look down on the field, and not miss any action.    There aren't any obstructed seats, like you find in some older parks (sitting behind a pole!)  and it's one of the best kept facilities I've ever been in.  We were 7-8 rows back, and about 20 feet from the Right Field foul pole.    You feel like you're right on top of the game.  We could almost read the shoulder patch on the A's right fielder's shoulder.

The JumboTron is angled so you don't have to crane your neck to see it.  Also, I noticed the protective foul ball netting behind homeplate is almost unnoticeable - unlike the huge clunky screens often seen in other stadiums.  The dugouts are so low, with seats behind them, they're almost invisible.

Our favorite was the bottomless soda.  For about $10 bucks, you can refill it as many times as you wish.  Never seen that anywhere the time you're done, the prices is the equivalent of about $2 a cup!  The concession prices are pretty reasonable for professional sports standards.

While I and the family may not be big M's fans,   we are definitely planning to come back for another visit to SafeCo to enjoy a game.    If you've never been there,  give it a try.

Now, if Seattle can do something about getting in and out of the city...traffic is horrible!

SafeCo field - the view from right field, field level (Townsquare media)
SafeCo Field view from concession stand (Townsquare media image)