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Mother Accidentally Runs over 2-year Old In Family Driveway In Fatal Accident

TACOMA, Wash. (AP) — Police say a Tacoma woman ran over and killed her 2-year-old son while backing out of her driveway in an SUV. The News Tribune reports that the boy was taken to Mary Bridge Children's Hospital after the accident Saturday and was pronounced dead at 12:30 p.m. Officer Naveed Benjamin says Tacoma police are investigating

Seattle Fishery Accused of Under-Reporting Catch Limits

SEATTLE (AP) — Federal authorities are seeking fines of more than $2.7 million against Seattle-based American Seafoods, saying the company underreported its catch by doctoring the scales on its vessels. The Seattle Times reports that NOAA says the practice dated as far back as 2007 on three American Seafoods' factory trawlers, which catch and process Pollock off Alaska. The feds say the scales were often off by 6 percent to 17 percent. By reporting lower weights, crews could process more fish than their federally allowed quota.


Sarah Palin Delivers Graduation Message to Republic, WA Seniors


REPUBLIC, Wash. (AP) — Former Alaska governor and Republican firebrand Sarah Palin had a gift and a message for the 26 graduates at a small-town commencement in northeastern Washington state this weekend. The grads in the high school gym in the town of Republic found a dollar bill taped under their seats. The message, Palin said: "You gotta get off your butt to make a buck."

Heroin Deaths in Oregon at All-Time High


PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The overall number of illegal drug deaths in Oregon dropped again last year, but heroin deaths reached a record high. The Oregonian reports that overall illicit drug deaths totaled 223, down 7 percent from the year before. But 147 of them were attributed to heroin overdoses.