Own a gun?  watch out.  Despite denials from AG Eric Holder and Federal Officials, the Fast And Furious Scandal is being potentially used as excuse for tighter gun control.

As Glenn Beck says, blood will shoot out of your eyes.   While the program did not start out that way, the Federal investigation into the botched Fast And Furious gun sale plan has turned into an attempt to regulate and restrict firearms.   Notes and briefs have turned up showing members of AG Eric Holder's staff noting a need for more restrictions on what are called "long guns" as well as new restrictions on multiple gun purchases and more. Never mind it was the ATF and many believe, the AG office who started the program where over 2,000 guns were allowed to be sold to thugs who eventually kicked them up to drug cartels.  The guns were to be tracked up the chain, allowing ATF and the Feds to capture drug lords.  Now, it's appearing likely the Feds began to use it as an excuse to limit firearms.  As more Fast and Furious guns turned up in drug crime scenes on both sides of the border,  the Feds quickly jumped on the idea of using THAT premise to limit firearms even further.