Remember the flashing strobe pen in the movie Men In Black?  Maybe not THAT far off!

Now, we're not saying it will be that way.  But Popular Science online is reporting scientists are getting very close to finishing medical procedures that could potentially wipe away a person's memories.

It's not for governmental mind control, but in the case of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) suffered by vets,  memories of violent crimes or accidents that cripple a person psychologically,  they could be "erased."

Scientists have agreed for years that memories are inaccurate. According to Popular Science:

"Researchers have known for decades that memories are unreliable. They’re particularly adjustable when actively recalled because at that point they’re pulled out of a stable molecular state. Last spring, scientists published a study performed at the University of Washington in which adult volunteers completed a survey about their eating and drinking habits before age 16. A week later, they were given personalized analyses of their answers that stated—falsely—that they had gotten sick from rum or vodka as a teen."

The story goes on to say that in cases of PTSD or traumas that cause a person to not be able to live a normal, productive life, the application could be one of the biggest in history:

"Several studies have found chemical compounds that can be used to subdue or even delete memories in mice (and maybe someday in people)."

Popular Science acknowledges this sounds potentially scary and weird, but they do point out the positive potential of such research:

'The idea of scientists manipulating memory does, naturally, sound a bit creepy. But it also points to some possible good: treatment for millions of people tormented by real memories. And that’s something worth remembering. "

Let's just hope this technology is perfected LONG after Obama has left office!  Now if you'll excuse me, am going to go watch the Aaaahnold  in the classic movie Total Recall...!