Think the trial lawyer ads on TV about medical lawsuits are insane? Now it's gone up a notch.

Because they allegedly failed to "predict" a deadly earthquake that killed 300 people in 2009 in central Italy, seven scientists have been sentenced to six years in jail! For several months, tremors had rattled the town of L'Auila for weeks. On April 6, 2009, a massive 6.3 Richter-scale quake turned much of the town to rubble.

The Italian "Great Risks Commission" ruled that the scientists had not given sufficient warning to residents, and some accused them of "taking their job lightly." Scientists around the world condemned the ruling, saying the after-effects will be officials will be afraid to predict anything for fear of being "wrong."

Under Italian law, jail time comes after appeals in such matters, so for now the scientists are free. The seven included some of Italy's top geologists and scientists. Do you agree with this idea? Should they have been prosecuted? Take our poll.