Four people were arrested in Pennsylvania for allegedly using scuba gear to commit crimes against the game of golf!

It's been a long known, if unwritten, 'law' on golf courses that if you plunk your ball in the water and you cannot find it, it becomes property of the course. You're not supposed to dive for them. That did not stop three men and a woman. They were taken into custody and charged with the theft of some 8,000 golf balls from the Aronimink and White Manor Country Clubs in Newton Square and Willistown, PA. Using scuba gear, they were diving in the ponds and water traps at the courses to retrieve the errant drives, slices and shanks.

The four were stopped by a police officer early Wednesday morning (apparently on a traffic violation) and he found them with scuba gear and the golf balls. They told the officer they were retrieving the balls for reconditioning and resale. The leader of the group, Daniel P. Curry, 31,  actually runs such a company called Plus -1-.  He claims it was a miscommunication. He has a contract with several other courses to retrieve errant balls, and a 'business associate' told him he could retrieve the balls from the two clubs.

When contacted, Aronimink and White Manor officials said they knew of no such agreement, nor do they have any contract with Plus -1-. Hmmm. When caught using scuba gear to steal sunken balls, don't claim you have permission!