Seahawk themed trailer washes up on shore (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Perhaps not unlike the Hawks season so far, this Seahawk-themed camp trailer drifted in Puget Sound before finally coming ashore - in pieces - near Jefferson Beach near Kingston.

The pop-up tent trailer is actually designed to float, according to it's owner, who lives hear Olalla, WA. He says "it's gone adrift before" despite being attached to a mooring. The trailer, with large Seahawk helmet logos on the side, drifted across Puget Sound before finally falling apart on the shore.

The Coast Guard decided it was too unstable and risky to tow it ashore, and since it was deemed not to be a water hazard, they just let it drift. They said it would eventually come ashore, and it did, but apparently broke apart - or somebody finished the job.

The Kitsap County Health Department is working with the owner to get the debris cleaned up. Some say it's an omen about the team's 2-3 start, especially the offensive line that is on pace to surrender 70 sacks of Quarterback Russel Wilson.

  What's more surprising though, is the lack of effort by it's owner, who's identity was released, to go AFTER it and tow it home.