The Eastern Washington arm of the BBB warns fans there's a lot of scams that have surfaced since the Seahawks punched their ticket to the Super Bowl.

The BBB offers a few tips for those who are trying to get their hands on tickets for the game at University of Phoenix Stadium. Despite stories to the contrary,  there are still tickets available for the game, but they won't be cheap. If you're in a position to get some make sure you're careful:

  • Make sure whoever you're buying tickets from is a member of the National Association of TIcket Brokers (NATB).  They automatically offer a 200% guarantee on tickets that do not arrive in time for any event they sell for.
  • Know the difference between a legitimate broker (an accredited reseller), and a scalper; they almost never have any official credentials.
  • Check the BBB website to see performance records and potential complaints with the seller.  Go to
  • Always check where the seats are going to be in advance.  Some unscrupulous vendors will not tell you if you purchased obstructed seats of it they put you in a section you don't want to be.
  • Always use a credit card for ALL such purchases.  If issues, charges can be challenged.  If you use a debit card,  the chances of getting your money back are far less, and NEVER use cash.

Follow these tips for purchasing tickets for any major event, and you should be in good shape.