Be listening with Sean Hannity this afternoon.  Details on South Carolina's "legislative report card" started by the Governor!

  Would YOU like it if your legislators were given publicly released "report cards"  tracking their performance on the issues that matter to you?  Fiscal responsibility, etc? From Premiere Radio Networks, here's what's coming up on the Sean Hannity Show Today:

"Today on The Sean Hannity Show, Sean will be joined by Republican Governor Nikki Haley from South Carolina at 4:05 PM ET.  Many SC legislators are annoyed with the Governor's plan to grade legislators on how they handle her agenda. Haley said her "report card" would track results of important legislation, including requirements for more roll call voting, state spending limits, reorganizing state government and upholding her budget vetoes.  

"This is not personal. This is not partisan. This is good government," Haley said.

--Be listening today on Newstalk 870.