One minute,  it was there...

the next minute, Adam Welch of Seattle was standing amidst shards of broken glass covering his entire dining room.

Welch had been getting ready for work when his glass table disintegrated before his eyes.

As weird as it sounds,  glass experts do say it can happen.

Here's how: if the glass were to get a crack, deep scratch or chip it can suffer thermal stress. Hot sun through a window or a hot pan on the table can cause the weakness of the scratch or chip to release the tension in the glass, causing an explosion. Experts at Seattle Stained Glass examined some of the pieces and said that is potentially what happened.

If so, Mr. Welch experienced one of the most rare phenomenons ever in science. Either that or he was hung over, tripped and fell through the table while trying to get ready for work.

Video courtesy of KING5 TV Seattle: