From the Associated Press:

Kennewick Rape Suspect Apprehended After Altercation Outside Police Station

Kennewick Police Commander Scott Child knew something wasn't right when he looked out the police station window and saw a confrontation between a woman and a man. He and two other officers rushed outside yesterday as the woman escaped inside and said the man had tried to sexually assault her. KEPR reports officers arrested a homeless man who also is suspected of another attempted rape a few days earlier.

Seattle May Day Celebration Brings Protests and Arrests

Police say they arrested 17 people suspected of assault and property damage in Seattle last night when a May Day demonstration turned violent and marchers broke windows and pelted police with rocks, bottles and fireworks. Police say eight officers suffered scrapes and bruises clashing in the streets. The "anti-capitalism" protest followed a peaceful immigration reform march and rally earlier in the day.


Inmate Goes on Trial for Murder of Washington State Prison Guard

A Washington inmate is on trial on charges he strangled a corrections officer with an amplifier cord in the chapel. The aggravated murder trial began yesterday in Everett for Byron Scherf, who could face the death penalty if he's convicted. Prosecutors say the convicted rapist was serving a three-strikes life sentence when he killed Jayme Biendl in 2011.

Oregon Peeping Tom Sentenced to Prison

A man who took pictures of at least 13 women in restroom stalls has been sentenced in Eugene to 10 years in prison. Forty-five-year-old Richard Casavan of Eugene pleaded guilty to charges of invasion of privacy, burglary and possession of methamphetamine in a 31-count indictment. Lane County Deputy District Attorney Christopher Parosa asked for a long sentence because Casavan faced nearly identical charges in 2005.