One enterprising young student emailed his school officials urging they take in the parade as a "field trip" for educational purposes - state history.

Over the last day or two, increased pressure has been brought upon West-side administrators who's schools are within reasonable driving distance to allow their students to skip school to attend the Super Bowl parade and ceremonies scheduled for 11am.

A number of area businesses also plan to be closed.  One accounting firm in Lynnwood near Seattle plans to close up shop - even though tax season is one of their busier times of the year.  New Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has urged schools to close for the day. According to Northwest Cable News:

"It is my hope that the school district will excuse absences for students who want to join their family during the #Celebreate48 events," Mayor Murray tweeted Tuesday.

The student who emailed his administrators closed his message by telling them if the request is denied, then he will be absent that day due to a case of "Seahawks Fever."