Unfortunately for Blair Walsh, the Vikings kicker, his missing a chip-shot field goal that would have sent the Seattle Seahawks home for the season will be remembered for a while.

Although I am not a Hawks fan, I give Seattle screenprinter Jamie Munson props for his idea. He is looking at a huge backlog of orders after Monday's unveiling of his "Laces Out" shirt.

The blue shirt has a Seahawks green football with the words "Laces Out" next to it.  Munson, who is a Hawks fan obviously, decided to have some fun with the missed field goal, according to Q13 Fox TV in Seattle:

" Owners of T-shirt maker, SimplySeattle.com, came up with the idea for the shirt right after the game.

“We watch the game. We see what happens. Something fun that we’re all talking about,” said Jamie Munson of SimplySeattle.com. “Then we put out the shirt and as you can see, I’m already wearing it. So the idea was just an idea yesterday. It happened and here we are printing them.”

If you want one, click here to go to their website and place your order.