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Seattle to Use Melted Buyback Guns to Make Plaques About Gun Violence


SEATTLE (AP) — Seattle plans to melt down more than 700 guns collected during a January buyback into plaques that feature quotes from the city's children about gun violence. Students can submit quotes in the "Weapons to Words" contest to the mayor's office.

Barefoot Bandit to Plead Guilty to Charge

SEATTLE (AP) — The attorney for "Barefoot Bandit" Colton Harris-Moore says his client will plead guilty tomorrow to one burglary count stemming from an international crime spree for which Harris-Moore is already serving prison time. The charge being settled comes from Skagit County, which refused to take part in a 2011 plea deal. Attorney John Henry Browne says Harris-Moore will be sentenced to three months time served, and the theft count will be dropped.

Bellingham Man Dies in Water Accident at Whatcom Falls State Park

BELLINGHAM, Wash. (AP) — A young man has died after jumping off waterfalls in Bellingham and getting swept by a swift current. The Bellingham Herald reports a city parks employee nearby jumped in the water to look for the man after he failed to surface last night at Whatcom Falls Park. He was pulled from the water moments later, but was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Oregon Caregiver Charged with Fraud over Dead Man's Social Security Benefits

EUGENE, Ore. (AP) — A Cottage Grove woman is pleading guilty to charges that she buried the body of a man who was under her care, and continued to collect his Social Security benefits for 15 years. The Register-Guard reports that 47-year-old Carel Cody was not charged in the 1996 death of John Arnold, who was in his mid-70s.