According to media reports, and information from his own camp, Senator Rand Paul-son of Presidential candidate Ron Paul--was being detained by the TSA.

Reports surfaced on Twitter and Facebook that Paul was being detained at the Nashville Airport for alledgedly refusing a full body pat down after an 'anomaly' showed up on an airport screening machine.  Paul has been an outspoken critic of the full body searches, calling them the "universality of insult" to Americans.   Members of Paul's political team said he offered twice to go through the screener again, but the TSA refused, saying he had to have the patdown.   The TSA put out a statement claiming  he was not detained at any point, but, per procedure, was removed to another area, and not allowed to proceed with boarding.   If that's not detaining, what it?   The information released never said if the Senator was allowed to board his flight.