Turns out, they were put there on purpose!  Try telling that to the neighbors!

Reports of severed cow heads displayed alongside a rural road in Columbia County, Oregon even found it's way onto the Drudge Report, but the rancher responsible says "these are my cows, we legally butchered them, we shave the heads, dry them and sell them."   They were seen outside the town of Warren.

According to the Portland Tribune,  Warren resident CiCi Lires complained to a local media outlet, saying she'd lived there 8 years and never seen anything so grisly.  Other witnesses said they (the heads) were beginning to smell.

The rancher, who was not named in the story, was quoted as saying:

"If you don't like it, don't live in the [expletive] country next to a farm."

Columbia County Sheriff's officials say it's not illegal to display them, there's nothing in the county or state laws that prohibit displaying cow heads on your property.

But we think you might want to at least alert the neighbors, or regular passers by, or joggers... We've obviously heard of and seen people who display antlers and other trophies from hunting in their homes.  But who wants a dried, shaved cow head for display?  These apparently aren't cow skulls, but dried heads.  Hmmm!