You've probably heard us talking about Zerorez on the air with Newstalk 870.   Any skepticism went out the door after their visit!

We had a chance to have Tyson from Zerorez (pronounced "Zero-Rez") come out and show us just how WRONG we were when it came to cleaning our carpets.   Now, he was very nice about it, but the information we got and saw in action showed us we've not been getting our carpets clean at all, really.

For decades, conventional wisdom says use soap, even acidic substances and harsh chemicals to clean the places where you walk, sit on, kids lie down on.   Tyson explained the chemicals can damage and even cause unhealthy substances to rise up to the surface of your carpet, making it even more unhealthy. Plus, they build up in the carpet, and the next time you shampoo, it just compounds the buildup.

How is Zerorez different?  Long story short,  their process changes the PH of the hot water they clean your carpets with,  making it react to dirt, stains and substances in the carpet as if it were soap!  Pretty remarkable!  We'd never seen a carpet cleaning machine that was hooked up to and powered by the 305 cubic inch engine in the cleaning van.  When I put my hand over the intake tube on the hose,  it was almost hard to pull off!

This PH-ionization process leaves your carpets cleaner, without soap, and they dry faster!  We were able to walk on, and start moving some furniture items back into place in less than 90 minutes!    My wife and I used to rent those clunky machines from Walmart and Lowes, then had to spend 3 hours cleaning 1-2 rooms.   Zerorez took about an hour to do 3-4 rooms!

And finally, the next morning, the carpets looked fresh, clean, and smelled better (yes we gave it the sniff test!) than they had in 10 years.    Some other ways we were impressed with Zerorez?

  • They were flexible to our schedule for setting the appointment.
  • They called us to let us know exactly when the technician was on the way.
  • Tyson used an ultraviolet light to examine our carpet, and was able to specifically treat some old pet stains!
  • The machinery stays outside.  Just hoses.  No clunky cleaners dinging up your floors.
  • When Tyson was done,  he slipped on plastic medical 'booties' when he walked on the treated carpet to double-check his work, so he wouldn't track any possible dirt on the rug!  We've have other companies clean our carpet years ago - they never did that!
  • And very affordable.  Ask about the $44 room special, minimum two rooms.  And they guarantee their work.  If you're not happy, or a stain needs a little more work, they will return and make sure it's to your satisfaction.  You probably won't need this, but they have it anyway.

Call Zerorez Tri-Cities today at 509-582-9000, and they can tell you about their great programs.   And make sure you like them on Facebook, too.  Just search Zerorez Tri Cities.

Check out the pictures.  That measuring cup shows just how dirty our carpets were before Zerorez.  Ugh!    But not anymore! Tell them Newstalk 870 sent you!  You will be glad you did (I know my wife is!)


(Townsquare media image)