It's called "The Slaying of Sandy Hook Elementary."

The game, created reportedly by Ryan Jake Lambournan, asks it's players to collect a loaded gun and shoot their mother before going on a rampage at a school.

Lambournan, an American who lives in Australia, said he created a similar game after the incidents at Virginia Tech in 2007.   He claims since then he was routinely asked by fans of the game - called VTech - to create more games about every mass shooting that's occurred.  Needless to say, the outcry and shock has been overwhelming!

A voice imbedded in the game says the following:

"All these massacres don't seem to have any ... effect on legislation. Here we are nearly a year after the sandy hook shooting ... and absolutely nothing positive has come out of it."

Senator Richard Blumenthal wants a state-wide, even nationwide ban, on the game, calling it -along with others - a shameful exploitation of a horrific tragedy.   Lambournan reportedly runs a Twitter feed that recently posted this statement, among others. The site offers no apologies for the game:

“The liberals don’t like me because I've disrespected the dead. The conservatives don’t like me because of the gun control message. And the trolls don't like me because it wasn't edgy enough."  (Trolls is slang for extreme game enthusiasts).

Some website that offer extreme or violent video games have already removed it from their sites.   As of this writing, the website that is said to be the venue for getting the game still had it posted,  but Newstalk870 could not determine if you could access it.   The website appeared to be "frozen."