In a case that is sending ripples throughout the legal community, a man convicted of fatally shooting another man is suing the victim's family.

In 1995, then 43-year old Larry Shandola was found guilty of shooting Bob Henry in a Tacoma parking lot, killing him. Prior to the killing, the suspect was considered a family friend. Shandola was sentenced to 31 years in prison without parole at the Stafford Creek Correctional Center near Aberdeen.

This month, 18 years after the crime, Shandola is suing the victim's family -- including the dead man's wife. He claims the family harassed him by telling the Department of Corrections Shandola should not be allowed to serve his sentence in his native country of Canada. The suit says the family violated his privacy and intentionally inflicted emotional distress.

The wife, Paula Henry, is terrified, saying she fears the 61-year-old Shandola may know where her home his and come after her for revenge.

Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist says it's the result of someone using harassment loopholes in he legal system. He says such cases would only clog up the courts and waste taxpayer money. Henry and her attorney are pushing legislators to pass a law requiring convicts to get permission from the court before taking any legal action against a victim or their family.

Shandola is acting as his own attorney. A motion to dismiss the case will be heard in Pierce County Friday. At that hearing, Henry will reportedly ask for $10,000 in damages and a permanent restraining order against Shandola.