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Suspicious Car Behind Business Leads to Felony Arrests
Sharp eyed citizens who see things that 'just don't seem right' are often responsible for helping people catch people up to no good, and sometimes results in wanted suspects being captured.
Late Sunday night, police got a call about a suspicious vehicle sitting behind some businesses i…
Just How Much Does the Power Bill Go Up From Christmas Lights?
Often wonder just how much the power bill spikes due to all those holiday lights?
Most people do pay some attention to their power bill this time of year, especially if they Griswold their home (uber decorate) for Christmas.
But the national average is rather significant...
Pasco Bus Hit-And-Run Driver a Teenager, Taking Brother to School
The driver who struck a Pasco school bus early Tuesday morning, then drove away from the scene was easy to find, because he left behind the vehicle's license plate.
Police say the teenage driver was in a white van, and struck the right rear corner of the bus...
Why You Should NEVER Burn Christmas Wrapping Paper in Fireplace
There are certain things you really shouldn't burn, according to experts. They include treated lumber (chemicals and harmful fumes),  aerosol cans (grenade!) and now Christmas wrapping paper.
What?!? Pretty sure a lot of folks toss it in the fireplace (if they have one)...