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Pasco Bus Hit-And-Run Driver a Teenager, Taking Brother to School
The driver who struck a Pasco school bus early Tuesday morning, then drove away from the scene was easy to find, because he left behind the vehicle's license plate.
Police say the teenage driver was in a white van, and struck the right rear corner of the bus...
Why You Should NEVER Burn Christmas Wrapping Paper in Fireplace
There are certain things you really shouldn't burn, according to experts. They include treated lumber (chemicals and harmful fumes),  aerosol cans (grenade!) and now Christmas wrapping paper.
What?!? Pretty sure a lot of folks toss it in the fireplace (if they have one)...
Who's Car Is This? Franklin County Sheriff's Trying to Find Out
The search is still on for whoever what driving this car, or who the owner is, after it was discovered on the Pasco-Kahlotus Highway Saturday morning.
Around 10:12am, Franklin County Sheriff's were notified of the vehicle, which hit a power pole near mile marker 14, about 14 miles Northeast of P…