The Washington State Department of Ecology said Tuesday they have been informed of what is called a "smoldering" fire burning underneath the Pasco Sanitary Landfill off Dietrich Road north of where Kahlotus Road intersects with Highway 12.

There is no threat to nearby homes or citizens, says the Department.  From the Department of Ecology Website:

 "Ecology learned this week there is a fire under the ground in a small section of the landfill where old municipal wastes are buried.  The area is approximately 25 feet in diameter.  All parties involved are working to solve this situation quickly and keep the public informed as soon as information is received. The site is closed to the public and posted with no trespassing signs.

Currently, we know:

  • There is no immediate threat to people living near the site or to workers and businesses in the area based on current knowledge.
  • Actions are already being taken to evaluate and suppress the fire.  Ecology is working closely with Pasco and Franklin County Fire Departments and other technical experts who know how to monitor and suppress these types of fires. Elected officials are also aware of the situation.
  • Ecology will provide the community additional updates as more information is obtained.

According to state officials, the site no is no longer taking waste, and has been the subject of an ongoing environmental cleanup.