Fire up Steve Miller's "Take The Money And Run..."   Officials from bankrupt solar energy panel (and Obama pet project) company Solyndra pled the 5th today before a Congressional Investigative Committee.

Solyndra, a California based company that made, among other things, solar energy panels-and took a 535 million Federal "grant" went bankrupt earlier this year.  CEO Brian Harrison and CFO Brian Stover pled the 5th amendment, telling Congressional Oversight leaders on the panel they, on advice of their attorneys, were pleading the 5th.  They failed to answer probing questions about how they got the money, why it was given to them, and why they went bankrupt.  Solyndra is just one of a number of controversial "green" companies that were touted as part of the Stimulus by Obama, then either went out of business, or "relocated" workers and industries overseas. Read more about their stiffly hilarious reponses courtesy of The Politico.  Committee Chairman Fred Upton also noted it was "unseemingly" for the White House and Democrats to respond to the issues of Solyndra by pointing out GOP leaders who have sought funding for green projects in their own districts.  Upton noted the Solyndra case was an example of an unproven and very risky company that was given millions in taxpayer dollars without any gurantee that the gamble would pay off.