Some good news about common sense-with Facebook.  Imagine being able to download an app that allows you to stalk someone...!

Facebook, with help from Fox News, just banned a new app, or application, that would allow you to be notified if someone you are interested in breaks up or dissolves their current relationship. The Breakup Notifyer app is the brainchild of 24 year old Dan Loewenherz, it tracks your postings and notifications related to your love-relationship life, and notifies people when you breakup or end a relationship--the only problem, people could download and apply the app. to YOU on Facebook, and you would not know they were  tracking your "lovelife."  The app went viral, and following protocol, Facebook shut it down.  Huge spikes in such activity are treated as spam by Facebook and it's daily operations, but many experts believe they will have headed off future accusations of stalking they think will almost certainly follow this app.