While the 2011 State Legislature tackles the budget shortfall, dropping tax revenues, and other issues, some legislators are worried about....car washes.

Senate bill 5777 is one of what legislators privately call "stupid bills.."  Bills that while they understand the logic behind them, their premises are so rediculous they rarely make it out of committee.  According to Senator Mark Schoesler (R) of Ritzville, this is one of them.  SB 5777 would put heavy restrictions on charity car washes due to enviornmental concerns.  The sponsors believe the number of charity car washes we see at churches, parking lots and other venues are contributing to pollution of the storm drains found in most cities. But that's not all.  It also cites runoff onto lawns and vacant lots as pollution.   According to Schoesler, offenders found in violation of the bill would be required to undergo six hours of community service.  There needs to be a balance between stewardship of the enviornment and "business", but Schoesler says "it's charity car washes, not commercial industry."