An 88-year old World War II veteran has died after sustaining a beating from two "teen" suspects.

The death of Delbert Belton is the latest in a series of attacks sweeping the country, involving black suspects and white or Hispanic victims.  Police reported to a call about an assault on an elderly white man Wednesday evening.

Belton was found in his car Wednesday night outside the Eagles Lodge on Lidgerwood in Spokane, suffering from significant head wounds.  He later died at a nearby hospital after being placed in intensive care.   The former World War II vet was wounded at Okinawa in the Pacific Theater, and later worked at the Kaiser Aluminum plant north of Spokane, and was described as a friendly person who would help anyone.

KHQ-TV reported Spokane Police described the suspects as two young African-American males, between 16-19 years of age.  They were wearing black clothing and one was believed to be wearing a do-rag on his head - sometimes a sign of gang membership.

Spokane police released surveillance footage of two persons who are wanted for questioning in connection with the fatal beating.  This assault comes just days after another white person, Australian basketball player Chris Lane, was shot and killed by several youth who said they killed him because they were bored.

Numerous other reports have occurred across the country, but their coverage has largely been regional,  if reported nationally,  only given a brief mention.   Critics, including former Congressman Alan West - who is black - say where's the same outrage over these assaults as what was generated over the Trayvon Martin case?  West even tweeted this about the Lane case: "who will POTUS identify with this time?"

UPDATE-Police in Spokane report a juvenile male has been arrested in connection with the beating death.  No other details about the suspect have been released.  Authorities say Belton was beaten with flashlights, leading to his fatal injuries.