He was the first in line to buy legal pot in Spokane, but he will now be on the unemployment line.

A 30-year-old security guard took time off from his job to stand in line for nearly 20 hours so he could buy legal weed at the Spokane Green Leaf store Tuesday.

Mike Boyer, wearing a tie-dyed t-shirt and sunglasses, proudly proclaimed himself as "#1" and said he has "the title" of being the first to buy pot in Spokane.

  But his joy was dampened a bit when a TV crew covering the opening of the store around 2pm showed him on live TV making the purchase.   As he was at home lighting up, his phone rang.  It was his boss, demanding he come in for a urinalysis drug test within 24 hours!

Boyer flunked his test, and was promptly fired.    Boyer admitted he signed a waiver 12 years ago when he began working for the unnamed security firm,  pledging he would never have THC in his system.   He claims that only applies to the hours when he's working - what he does on his own time is his business.

However, the drug test was apparently prompted by a phone call to the security company by one of their clients, who saw Boyer on TV and was "concerned about the drug use", according a report in the NY Daily Post.

Boyer is now pursuing a job in the marijuana industry, and told the Post he "regrets nothing."

We are all free to pursue our passions, provided they're legal.  But you can't fault the security company client who voiced concerns about the drug use.

Think about it - seeing a guy you're paying to safeguard your property standing in line for 20 hours to buy dope so he can go home and get high doesn't exactly instill faith in their services.